Fall asleep and in love with silk

By Geraldine Fitzgerald

Silk pillows are beyond decadent!

Irish designer Jennifer Rothwell offers gorgeous pillowcases and eye masks for those who want to wake up looking and feeling fabulous.

Her new ivory and black silk pillows are beauty sleep’s secret weapon. Sleeping on 100 per cent pure silk keeps your skin soft, it also helps your blow-dry last longer and prevent split ends.

The cotton used in most bedlinens absorbs moisture, stripping oil from your hair.

The oil residue left on a cotton pillow spreads to your face; bad news for spot-prone skin as this unwanted oil can clog pores and exacerbate flare-ups.

Moisture absorbed by cotton can draw allergens and bacteria into your cotton pillowcase too, so the silk version is an altogether healthier option.

Silk allows your natural hair oils to stay encased in your strands and lets your carefully applied anti-ageing skincare products work their magic and hydrate skin fully, without being mopped up by your pillowcase.

The smooth texture creates less friction on contact with skin, so is kinder to your complexion. Dermatologists recommend silk pillowcases to those with allergies because silk is one of the only luxury fibers that's hypoallergenic. Jennifer’s stunning eye masks are a delight with vibrant hues and sumptuous shades that evoke Irish cultural legends, keeping them alive and re-told through butter soft silk. Beautifully boxed, they’re a perfect present too.

The pillowcases are €75, and the eye masks are €50. All are available on jenniferrothwell.com.

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