The only filter you will need

By Geraldine Fitzgerald

Sunshine has many benefits - it lifts our mood, helps the brain produce serotonin and provides crucial vitamin D.

But even during the greyest of Ireland’s summer months, UV rays can reach intensity levels of seven or eight, matching those experienced in the tropics!

We need an effective SPF to protect us, but different skin types require different formulas.

Bioderma’s Photoderm range offers a suite of SPF products with UVB and UVA filters, and a unique Cellular Bioprotection patent to protect the skin from DNA damage.

It protects against UVA to reduce ageing and UVB to prevent burning.

Photoderm Spot-Age SPF 50+ acts as a prevention and correction cream that contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E and unique collagen boosting extract, Centella Asiatica.

Antioxidants prevent wrinkles and help regenerate and moisturise skin.

Photoderm Max Aquafluide SPF 50+ is a super-light waterproof cream that dries matte and is great for summer outdoor activities.

Photoderm AR SPF 50+ has a slight tint and is formulated to help neutralise redness-prone skin.

Jane Quinn, Bioderma Training Manager, said: “With an estimated 13,311 cases of skin cancer diagnosed annually in Ireland, protect yourself by choosing a product that suits your skin type so that you actively enjoy integrating it into your daily routine.

“Look after your skin and your skin will look after you!”

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