Natasha Crowley

You can always rely on a dress for a wedding

It’s safe to say the wedding industry has been completely turned on its head this past year.

With places opening up again and the numbers of guests allowed to attend a wedding increasing and you may find yourself invited to a wedding this summer.

I’m going to be going to a wedding at the end of June and it’s the first wedding I’ve gone to in about two years which is a shock considering I could have gone to between eight and ten a year for the last ten years.

It’s also safe to say I’ve got a lot of experience when it comes to wedding guest dressing but I’m a little rusty at the moment having not dressed up for an event in quite some time.

When it comes to wedding guest dressing there’s a lot of things to consider like location - is it a city or country wedding? Those stilettos won’t work well in a grassy marquee area so stick to a block heel in such circumstances and save yourself a lot of trouble and discomfort. If in doubt about what to wear the one absolute fashion banker you can rely on is a dress.

A great print or colour in a dress is so easy to wear and makes an impact without much fuss. Summer weddings can be that little bit more relaxed so just add a pair of your favourite heels or as it’s the summer I would even wear a fancy pair of flats because let’s face it we will inevitably end up in them by the end of the night anyway.

When it comes to hemlines I tend to stick to midi or full length styles as it’s just easier and more comfortable to wear than a shorter dress and looks a little bit dressier than a mini with very little effort. The rules of wedding dressing have definitely relaxed in the past few years which means pretty much anything goes nowadays. I would still probably avoid wearing white which is considered the ultimate faux pas in wedding guest dressing and I remember a friend’s wedding I went to where someone wore a white dress and we still talk about it to this day.

I mean it’s probably more sad that I remember this and of course some brides don’t care but I still think it’s just safer to avoid this particular colour. Another colour that used to be seen as unusual to wear at a wedding was black, but I actually think a sleek black dress can look super chic for a relaxed city nuptials. I also love a suit for a wedding especially in a striking colour and some metallic accessories to complete the look.

Accessories are always essential in elevating your wedding guest look and I would invest in a statement clutch that you can wear with lots of different outfits. I bought a white beaded 1960s clutch many years ago and it has pretty much been to every wedding with me.

It’s also absolutely necessary to have comfortable shoes for the event as we all know a wedding can be like an endurance test. Nothing looks worse or is more painful than limping along with shoes that are like torture implements so again I’ve invested in a few pairs that I have broken in, I know are comfortable and that go with everything so most importantly I know I can dance the night away in them.