Natasha Crowley

Shorts can be casual or chic

We can finally, on the odd day here and there, leave the house without a jacket.

I say this in the knowledge that I have done so approximately one day this whole year and hopefully I haven’t now jinxed this great run of sunny days that we’ve been having.

Believe it or not I actually took a notion last weekend in the peak heat of Sunday and decided that for the first time in about twelve years I would quite fancy wearing a pair of shorts.

I haven’t owned or worn a pair since I lived in London and Amy Winehouse was partying all over Camden wearing denim cutoffs and ballet pumps.

I lived very close to there in North London and would wear something similar with black tights, a striped t-shirt and a leather jacket completing the look. It was my uniform of sorts.

Anyway, I wore it so often that I literally couldn’t stand the site of shorts on myself but admired them on others.

I also did this with blazers a few years back but thankfully I regained my love of them after a five year hiatus.

So, with a feeling that I might like to revisit shorts I got my husband to cut the legs off an old pair of jeans and make me a pair of cutoffs. Somethings that I have noted in my wearing of them last weekend is always cut less off than you think because you can always roll them up a little bit.

I can only get on measly roll on mine and they keep creeping up my leg at times giving me the appearance of a person wearing hotpants which is not the look I am going for.

Regardless I did enjoy wearing them and styled them very simply with a grey v neck t-shirt, cream long-line light blazer and a pair of low block heels.

Shorts are rarely led by trend and we see the same ones season after season so it’s nice to style them up in new ways to give a fresh spin on the look.

While I wouldn’t personally wear bicycle shorts, they are very popular and are the equivalent of leggings in summer.

I do like them styled with a casual, loose shirt, lots of gold jewellery and some sandals or trainers.

Likewise, I’m very temped by denim Bermuda shorts which is a sentence I never thought I would type but here we find ourselves.

I like the fact that Bermudas are a bit longer and so eliminate the inevitable thigh chafe but also can look quite chic.

This look is best worn with a bit of a heel and either a t-shirt and blazer or a little fine ribbed light cardigan/top.

If you want to dress it down, a pair of Converse high tops will also work well. I also think black denim lends itself well to this style of short making it super chic and easy to wear.

Lastly I’ve been considering purchasing a pair of sweatshorts which is something I would have never considered but I’ve seen some fab sets in H&M of these shorts and matching sweatshirts and really I’m just not ready to let go of the casual athleisure look yet.