Cork County Council have commissioned a large-scale mural celebrating legendary pirate Anne Bonny. Photos: Cork County Council

Legendary pirate returns to Kinsale

A large scale mural celebrating the legendary pirate Anne Bonny has been unveiled at the iconic Stoney Steps in Kinsale.

Following the presentation of the idea to paint the steps by the Kinsale Tourism and Business Association, Cork County Council sought submissions of ideas from the public, from which the theme of Anne Bonny was chosen.

The painting was funded through the Bandon Kinsale Municipal District Town Development Fund and artists Splattervan were chosen to undertake the project.

Anne Bonny was born near the Old Head of Kinsale at the end of the 17th century, and her life is shrouded in mystery, folklore and adventure. Stories survive of defying her father’s wishes, marrying for love, divorcing and taking to the high seas as a pirate at a time when women were considered to be bad luck on board a ship.

Meanwhile, work has been completed on a transformative mural at the so called cut and cover tunnel in Monkstown. The tunnel has been upgraded with colour and imagery, in an homage to the towns rail, industrial and maritime heritage.

The project was commissioned by Cork County Council and completed by artists from The Walls Project, who have experience in delivering large scale, impactful murals that aim to improve community spaces through artistic expression.