West Cork alt-pop sensation Rushes has just released a video for his latest single. Photo: Stephanie Naughter

All Funds and games in Skibb

Alternative-pop artist Rushes was recently back amongst the isles in promotion of his latest single ‘Funds’, a feel-good melodic summer song depicting the rhythm of life in small-town, rural Ireland.

His latest release sees Rushes blend some honest lyric writing with proper catchy melodies and some cutting-edge hazy electronic sounds, perfect for cruising West Cork with the windows down.

“I remember daydreaming a lot on my shifts about wanting to achieve something more,” Rushes recalls.

“Nothing has really changed in my life but I'm on a different path right now. It really gets across the message of the song too, trying to reach for something but still being stuck in the same place, hoping that you'll make it to where you want to be or see in your head.”

The video was shot overnight in Fields’ Supervalu in Skibbereen where Rushes transforms the mundane setting into a playground of daydreams and good times.

The song was written during a period when Rushes was working tirelessly on music, uncertain of whether it would ever see the light of day.

“I was really burning the candle at both ends. It's like I was laser focused on some vision that has no guarantee of coming true. I’m talking about the sacrifices I was making just to achieve this thing, keeping up some hope that when that day comes it was worth it,” he explains.

Lyrically, ‘Funds’ partially draws from challenges faced by Rushes during his time living in London where he could barely afford to eat while attending song-writing and recording sessions.

“I was spending all the money I had on travelling to London, Berlin, anywhere that I could work on my music and I was in sessions all day, forgetting to eat,” says Rushes.

The video for his new tune ‘Funds’ is now out and is available to watch on YouTube.