A call was made for QR codes to be placed on the monuments.

QR codes for monuments?

A call has been made for QR codes to be placed on republican monuments on Leeside.

The idea came from Sinn Féin Cllr Kenneth Collins who also called for a budget to be put aside to clean said monuments every five years.

A report furnished to councillors said that as part of the Cork City Council Centenary Commemoration Programme for the period 2019-2023, a list of all republican monuments in Cork city will be compiled.

The report said: “The relevant monuments can be considered for QR codes that can be linked to corkcitycommemorations.ie website via the code, subject to ownership consent.

“It should be noted that some monuments may be a protected structure and prohibit the attaching of a QR code, in such circumstances alternative arrangements will be investigated.”

Cleaning of monuments within the Cork City Council administrative area is under the remit of the Strategic Planning and Economic Development Directorate and the Architects Directorate with input from the Arts Office where appropriate, the report said.

The report concluded: “The Strategic Planning and Economic Development Directorate has been requested to include a provision in its annual budget submission for cleaning of monuments every five years.”