The new range uses natural food dyes.

Waste we wear

This new range uses waste generated by the food and plant industry to create a selection of beautiful earthy, neutral but also natural fabric dyes.

The new range is from Penneys, under the Primark Cares label, and incorporates EarthColors by Archroma.

The new 22 piece collection will span menswear, womenswear, kidswear, nightwear and homeware and will be made with Primark sustainable cotton or organic cotton.

The range gets its unique colours from EarthColors dyes, made from waste left over by the food and plant industry, creating a palette of natural shades. During the production of EarthColors, 100 per cent of the natural raw material is transformed into a new dyestuff.

Primark’s EarthColors by Archroma collection features three different colour palettes:

• Diresul Earth-Sand manufactured using 90 per cent bitter orange from the herbal industry

• Diresul Earth-Clay manufactured using 90 per cent beet from the food industry

• Diresul Earth-Forest: manufactured using 90 per cent saw palmetto, a type of tree from the herbal industry

Director of Primark Cares, Lynne Walker said: “We’re really proud of this latest collection, made using organic cotton and cotton from our Primark Sustainable Cotton Programme. It not only looks great but also repurposes something which would have otherwise gone to waste. We’re working hard to expand the range of products we offer under the Primark Cares label, which use more sustainable materials or methods while keeping the same great low prices that our customers love.”