Pink cardigan from Silk Peaches.

Getting ready for autumn

It’s that odd time of year when we’re all still in summer mode but the autumn stock is hitting the shop floor hot and heavy.

So, what’s a person to do when you just don’t feel like buying summer stock but it feels weird to be eyeing up next seasons pieces.

Now is the time to really look at transitional pieces. Those items that you can easily wear now but will carry you through to autumn/winter with ease. Nowadays it does feel like we are constantly between seasons, so it makes sense that our wardrobes are currently made up of these pieces.

Gone be with the days of making drastic wardrobe changes when we would box up whole wardrobes for months not to see the light of day until the weather changed.

Firstly, can we just take a moment to appreciate the cardigan. Now the word itself conjures up so many negative connotations but let me assure you that the cardigan is now one of the most popular pieces when it comes to transitional dressing.

It’s so practical, cosy and comfy - all the things we want in our clothing but also has been totally revamped to look stylish too.

There’s a cardie out there to suit everyone. A particular favourite of mine is a knee length chunky cardigan with dramatic full sleeves in a vibrant colour and this beauty from Silk Peaches really hits the mark.

Wear over t-shirts and light jeans now, dress up with a cool leopard print top and a block heel or layer over darker denim, a roll neck or a knitted dress once it gets cooler.

I also adore a more fitted cardigan that look great worn buttoned up as a top with straight leg jeans and a boot. It kind of has a 90’s feel to it if you can bear to revisit that time period in fashion. Go for neutrals for a toned-down look or jazz it up with a cool motif. I bought a white cardie with lemons on it last year in M&S and I get loads of wear out of it.

Also look at print and colour to carry you through to the next season.

Something like gingham might be seen traditionally as more of a summer print but if you change up the colourway to an autumnal rust or mustard you can easily wear it for the autumn months, and it works beautifully with knitwear and darker denim or wear now with your white jeans to give them a final hoorah!

Animal print is another one that can be worn all year round so layer your animal print with knitwear or go one step better and wear animal print as your knitwear.

Zebra print is big for autumn/winter and can be a great alternative if leopard doesn’t feel right for you.

Lastly, I’m all about the dress at the moment and, again, much like animal print it works no matter the season.

I always find a midi dress can be worn all year round just with a few tweaks of your accessories or with some layering.

Take a leopard print shirt dress. This is an item that stays in my wardrobe all year. Wear it in the summer with some gold sandals, your Converse and a denim jacket in spring, a western boot in the autumn and tight, leather jacket and black knee-high boots in winter. The same goes for a floral dress with a lot of neutral colours in the print.

The moral of the story? Make that wardrobe work hard for you all year round.