Invest in your hair

By Geraldine Fitzgerald

If your tresses need a little TLC to keep them silky, try the clever Skin Experts Hair Care Cap.

It’s a mane-taming multi-tasker that helps you to love your locks.

The Hair Care Cap is made using woven RPET fibres, created from reused plastic. It’s as kind to the planet as it is to your hair.

It feels nice and soft, and its durable for multi-purpose use.

It’s ideal to wear over treatments, such as hair masks or leave-in conditioners. Once you’ve applied your treatment, the cap allows it to infuse into the hair and penetrate the cuticles, due to the heat generated by occluding the scalp.

It intensifies the results of any conditioning product, allowing you the freedom to walk around without dripping all over the place.

The Hair Care Cap will keep your good hair days going after a salon visit, as the 100 per cent waterproof material keeps your ‘do’ dry in the shower.

It can also be worn as you sleep to keep your curls nicely coiffed and stop static frizz.