Make your smile stand out

By Geraldine Fitzgerald

The best way to ensure a gorgeous smile is to get into a proper cleaning routine with good products.

Famed organic skincare brand Dr Hauschka have released a natural, fluoride-free dental range to keep your choppers sparkling.

Featuring new toothpastes and a surprisingly refreshing mouthwash, the dental products are designed to stabilise the oral fauna and eradicate harmful bacteria.

The human mouth is a zoo for a multitude of bacteria, which build up in plaque, the sticky coating on gums and teeth.

Brushing helps manually removes the coating, but a good toothpaste like Dr Hauschka’s Fortifying Mint Toothpaste will help get rid of foul acidic bacteria for fresh breath and healthy enamel.

Developed in conjunction with dentists, the paste features carefully selected medicinal plant extracts, natural essential oils and mineral cleansing agents.

Plaque build-up irritates the delicate gingiva so gums can become inflamed and tender - the Fortifying Mint Toothpaste has a proven rapid anti-inflammatory effect to calm gums and stop gingival bleeding.

As we age, teeth loose some of their enamel coating and the dentine underneath becomes more exposed, leaving teeth sensitive to hot, cold and sweet sensations particularly at the neck of the tooth.

Dr Hauschka’s Saltwater Sensitive Toothpaste is formulated to provide gentle yet thorough cleaning for sensitive teeth, with minerals to help strengthen enamel.

Combining sea salt, spring mineral water and plant extracts, this fresh and pleasantly salty paste will cleanse and refresh sensitive teeth and gums.

The combination of ingredients help increase the natural flow of saliva, while sage, lemon and thyme essentials oils provide fragrant breath.

Finish off your daily oral routine with Dr Hauschka’s Sage Mouthwash which reaches parts of the mouth your brush couldn’t get to.

It stimulates natural salivation, helping remineralise the teeth, prevents inflammation and encourages healthy oral fauna.

A 30-second swish around will leave a great taste in your mouth

Compliment your healthy smile with one of the beautiful shades in the Dr Hauschka new range of lipsticks. There are six colours to choose from with a hue for every mood.

Go for a natural daytime look with Marram, Holy Clover or Hibiscus, or make a bolder statement with Foxglove, Millionbells or Chocomocha.

All Dr Hauschka lipsticks are deeply moisturising for a smooth, luscious pout.

Made with rose petals, almond oil and carnauba wax, the colours are flattering and natural with mineral pigments that will keep lips soft all day long.