Aldi Brand Ambassador and chef Trisha Lewis.

Breakfast and lunch made easy

Struggling to come up with lunch ideas as the academic year looms?

Fear not, help is at hand thanks to Aldi and chef Trisha Lewis.

As the evenings begin to shorten and the new school year comes around, what better time to start planning some delicious breakfast and lunchbox treats for school goers big and small to ensure going back to the classroom is as smooth as can be?

To help take the headache out of the new school year, Aldi Brand Ambassador and chef Trisha Lewis, is delighted to share her top tips and tricks for breakfast and lunch, keeping both kids and parents happy with a variety of delicious treats and quality ingredients that are great value too.

Speaking about her tips, Trisha said; “I hope that both kids and parents will find these tips useful, allowing them to look upon September as a new opportunity to try something new in their lunchbox. Not only is Aldi a one stop shop for all your back to school needs, Aldi also has such an amazing range of fresh, Irish produce which is super quality and value - meaning you have one less thing to worry about when September rolls around.”

In order to make mornings a little easier Trisha said: “When you are on the go, you will want breakfast to be fast, nutritious, and cost effective. Here are some breakfast options that I think are amazing for both adults and kids.”

• Porridge - Oats are really filling and a sure way to fill up for a busy morning. Kavanagh’s Microwavable Instant Oats, with some fruit from Aldi’s Super 6 offers and some Foodie Market 100% Peanut Butter Smooth

• Granola - Try mixing their favourite yogurt with some granola. I love the Brooklea Authentic Greek 0% Fat Fruit Yogurt 150g, topped with some fruit from Aldi’s Super 6 offers and Harvest Morn Low Sugar Granola

• Eggs - Healy’s Farm Organic Irish Eggs (boiled), Brannan’s Turkey Sausages, and some Nature’s Pick Cherry Tomatoes, to add some colour and micronutrients to you plate!

Trisha’s favourite lunchbox advice to ensure your little one will be the envy in the school yard and that lunch boxes return home empty, includes:

• Fill the lunch box with variety and colour. A mix of cheese, meats, vegetables, fruits

• Use different shapes such as rectangle sandwiches, cubed cheese, sliced fruit, strips of peppers to keep it fun!

• Boxes of raisins are a lovely, sweet treat while still being packed with energy, rich fibre, vitamins and minerals

• Always keep items like rice cakes, bread sticks, pots of hummus with carrot batons, wraps filled with ham and cream cheese, yogurts, and boxes of raisins in the cupboard/fridge as they involve very little preparation and are great lunch box fillers!

Finally, for mums and dads doing the grocery shop, Trisha suggests making a shopping list and sticking to it as well as keeping an eye on Aldi’s Specialbuys and what is included in Aldi’s Super 6 offers so you can include them in your weekly lunch plan.


Aldi is working with Barnardos in communities across Ireland to build better futures for children and families through a variety of initiatives including sales of colouring pencils and a colouring competition which is now live on Last year Barnardos distributed over 6,300 education and activity packs to support children in their wellbeing and development while schools were closed.

With the help of Aldi Barnardos can continue to provide vulnerable children with the extra support they need to get ready to go Back to School this September.