Put together a capsule wardrobe

However, it’s also nice to have a guide or be able to tap into your own personal style.

There are always a few items that no matter what I’ve always gotten wear out of, or have always gotten me out of a fashion jam and there are also some changes I’ve made to items as my personal style has evolved over the years.

As always there have been some pieces that just haven’t suited me but that are stubbornly held onto in the hope of making them work, but I’m currently in the process of really paring back my wardrobe and therefore making it a lot easier for me to put outfits together.

One thing that’s so important to get right is the style of jeans you wear. Up until recently my wardrobe was packed full of skinny leg jeans which I never reached for and just stayed in the back of my wardrobe.

There’s nothing wrong with this shape but I had just come to the realisation that they weren’t comfortable for me.

I always felt too hot when I wore them, so I just got rid and now I have a much smaller pile of denim but a pile that gets much more wear. For me, a straight or wide leg with a high waist is more comfortable. I enjoy wearing them and it suits my style more.

I’ve also done a major cull of my shoe collection because much like the jeans, I’ve come to re-evaluate what kind of shoe I’m comfortable wearing.

While I was never one for wearing heels, I have pretty much gotten rid of anything above four inches and have held onto one pair of gold braided heels for very fancy occasions and a pair of nude shoe boots with a deep v in the front for when I need a bit of a heel.

Neither are particularly high but do give some height when it’s needed. My shoe collection now consists of low block heels, loafers and all sorts of boots none of which cause me pain or discomfort and can be worn with pretty much everything.

I have never gotten so much wear out of any shoe as I have out of my white loafers as for some reason, they just seem to suit anything that I wear. I highly recommend an investment in these if you struggle with what shoes to wear.

Another absolutely essential wardrobe assessment to do is on your underwear drawer. We’ve all been guilty of just hanging on to knickers, socks and bras that are well passed their best by date but it really just clutters up your space and you can’t even see what you have.

Toss the old, worn items and invest in properly measured bras which I know personally have been something I’ve missed during lockdown and get yourself some great underwear that fits correctly. A well-fitting set (just basic underwear not anything hardcore like shapewear) is like good scaffolding and creates the perfect base for your clothes to fit over meaning you’ll feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing.