September skin edit - Hyperpigmentation

September is a great time to reset our skincare routine. A slight change in season coupled with some good goal setting means that we are well on our way to some damage control.

So, with that in mind I am dedicating September to skin. My first subject is hyperpigmentation. Pigmentation is notoriously one of the most difficult skin complaints to treat and often one of the first visible signs of aging we see in our 20s and 30s.

The everyday prevent and protect

I have never found any product combination to be more effective than a high grade antioxidant and a broad spectrum SPF. Let’s talk about Skinceuticals Double Defence System. Using a topical vitamin C antioxidant serum and a sunscreen every morning helps to prevent and protect skin from direct UV damage as well as damaging free radicals.

Not only do antioxidants protect from free radicals, many have other powerful benefits for the skin such as brightening, reducing oil and hydrating. Combining this with the best SPF for your skin type creates a really effective routine, not to mention the more you want to use these products the better.

Skinceuticals now has a tailored antioxidant and SPF combination to suit each skin type.

Dry/dehydrated skin - its CE Ferulic has (€158) pure L-ascorbic acid (the most potent form of vitamin C), vitamin E and ferulic acid to provide environmental protection in the skin while increasing firmness and reducing fine lines.

Also, Ultra Facial UV Defense SPF 50 (€46) is moisturising sunscreen formulated with glycerine making it perfect for dry/sensitive or more mature skin.

Oily - Skin Silymarin CF (€163) contains silymarin which is a powerful antioxidant that brightens and protects while also reducing production of sebum (oil). Combined with L-ascorbic, ferulic and salicylic acid to brighten and refine skin texture. Meanwhile the Oil Shield UV Defense SPF 50 (€46) is a mineral and chemical SPF with silica to blur the skin and absorb oil throughout the day.

Hyperpigmented skin - Phloretin CF (€169) Phloretin is combined with L-ascorbic and ferulic acid to provide powerful brightening and evening of the skin tone. The Advanced Brightening UV Defense SPF 50 (€50) is formulated with one per cent tranexamic acid and niacinamide which work to reverse damage to melanin production (reducing darker spots and melasma).

Pharmacy kit

Pigment Solution Program was developed by Relife which was launched in Ireland in April 2019 by A Menarini Pharmaceuticals and aims to revolutionise the approach to the global dermatology and medical aesthetics markets.

Pigment Solution Program (€70) is a three-in-one kit that is a clinically proven effective, non-medical program, for hyperpigmentation and can be used as a regular daily programme.

Pigment Solution preparation cleanser contains a blend of soothing ingredients formulated to gently cleanse and ready the skin.

Pigment Solution day cream contains vitamin A to promote cell renewal, kojic acid to inhibit the production of new melanin and thereby lighten the darker patches, Aquaxyl to reduce trans-epidermal water loss, and vitamin E to protect the skin from free radicals.

Pigment Solution night cream evens out pigmentation using a double peeling effect- chemical plus mechanical - combining glycolic acid and kojic acid with biodegradable scrubbing beads. This kit is available in pharmacies.

Skin clinic range

The Nimue Fader range, (€30- €102) comprises six homecare products, each boasting the award-winning patented molecule, Diglucosyl Gallic Acid, which is activated by the skin, thus converting into a powerful fighting active for Hyperpigmentation.

The new Fader range is first in its class of new generation pigmentation products, owing to its ability to treat Hyperpigmentation alongside seven other major skin complexion disorders such as uneven skin colour, dark spots, blemishes, redness, dullness and inflammation. The range consists of Day Fader, Day Fader Plus, Night Fade, Night Fader Plus, Fader Serum and Fader Treatment. They combine a potent range of ingredients to help fade spots and give skin a clearer appearance.