These tiny homes could make a big splash in the property market as interest in compact living increases.

Where did I park the house?

Not all heroes wear capes. As the cost of buying a home continues to strike fear into our hearts, a new kind of hero has emerged whose tiny, wooden homes might just slay the mortgage monster once and for all.

Damien Peureux is that hero. As Ireland cries out for alternative living options, Cork-based Damien has come to the rescue, designing custom-built, portable homes for people wishing to break free from the norm.

After photographs of one of his latest builds were noticed on a property website recently, Damien’s company Sunflower has received a trailer-load of inquiries from people tempted to make the switch to compact living.

The concept behind these stylish, wooden abodes is to be able to enjoy the comforts of a normal home in compact, portable form.

That means you can leave the house in one place, in which case you will need some land to put it on and possibly some pesky planning permission, or you can lash it to the back of your motor and head for the horizon.

Either way, the cost of these homes is just a fraction of the astronomical amounts people are paying for traditional houses these days.

Damien’s homes, which come in five different sizes and designs, can range anywhere from €30k to €60k or more, depending on the buyer’s requirements.

The homes come completely furnished and buyers can even get involved in the building process if they wish.

Originally from Dijon in France, Damien started his company in January with a base in Timoleague, half way between Clonakilty and Kinsale.

From there, he has brought his houses to market and already has 25 ordered from eager customers back in France.

It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing more and more of these houses popping up around Cork and beyond.