Brighten up dull and sensitive skin

We all have our skin heroes that we love and rely on a lot for everyday. Sometimes though our age or stage can mean that we need something a little more effective or soothing depending on the skin condition. Winter brings dull sensitive skin to the forefront as things like windburn, heating and changes in temperature make our skin feel dry and look lacklustre.

Ageing and menopause brings on significant changes in women’s skin and with the reduction of collagen comes a loss in elasticity, thinning of the skin and wrinkles. Nyrah Beauty is a range created to honour time, women and the lives they lead. Nyrah Beauty ‘Glisten’ Superfood Sea Serum (€78/30ml) has a beautiful texture and is a brand new product.

Start your day the right way with Nyrah’s Superfood Sea Serum, packed with nutrient dense, avocado, seaweed, spirulina, peony and aloe vera. The superfood nutrients come together to densify and hydrate, while peony and aloe vera supercharge the natural antioxidant properties of the skin. The result is dewy skin that glistens like the ocean and is ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

Available at pharmacies nationwide, the new Aveeno Calm + Restore range contains four hero products to be used as part of a daily skin regime including a nourishing cleanser, soothing toning lotion, triple oat serum and oat gel moisturiser – all formulated with prebiotic oat, known for helping soothe and repair your skin, while restoring the skin’s moisture barrier.

Nourishing Oat Cleanser 200ml (€9.99) is a gentle soap-free cleanser to cleanse the skin of impurities leaving skin feeling soothed and nourished. Oat Toning Lotion 200ml (€9.99) is a gentle toner for a final cleansing step to remove residues such as make up leaving the skin ultra-refreshed. Triple Oat Serum 30ml (€15.99) is a triple oat complex (colloidal oat, oat oil and oat extract) with calming feverfew which has antioxidant properties. It instantly smoothes and fortifies the skin’s moisture barrier.

The Oat Gel Moisturiser 50ml RRP (€12.99) is a light-weight cooling gel moisturiser giving 24 hour moisturisation with prebiotic oat known to help soothe and repair skin.

Dermalogica has just launched a Daily Glycolic Cleanser (€45) that allows you to cleanse your way to brighter and conditioned skin – no compromise necessary. This gentle yet effective formula works to unglue and cleanse away brightness blockers that build up on skin daily while maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier.

This cleanser’s star ingredient, glycolic acid is known for having the smallest molecular size of all alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). This makes it effective at penetrating the skin’s surface, where all that dullness resides. A blend of soothing calendula extract and nourishing jojoba seed oil helps condition and replenish skin to help preserve skin’s barrier, ensuring luminous, healthy- looking skin after each wash.

Ultraceuticals just launched their newest product for full body skincare Ultra Retexturising Body Complex (€85). More often than not, skin concerns extend to our body when it comes to dryness, dehydration, photoaging, fine lines, blotchiness, and uneven skin tone.

This fast-absorbing dual-action body lotion helps dramatically improve the appearance of dehydrated, dull, and coarse skin texture. It has been expertly formulated with a powerful blend of lactic acid, niacinamide and potent moisturising ingredients to simultaneously provide deep exfoliation with superior hydration benefits.

This must-have body lotion keeps your skin looking soft, smooth, and supple and contains an uplifting blend of ylang ylang, geranium, mandarin, lavender and chamomile extracts while also featuring Ultraceuticals vitamin B2 technology, combining panthenol (provitamin B5) and niacinamide (vitamin B3) to ensure maximum hydration.