Treat yourself to a West Cork skincare brand

I’ve decided to put myself on a clothing spending ban for the rest of the year. This has been brought about by my recent clearing out of my wardrobe which is still on going.

I can manage to do one small section at a time so that I don’t get completely sick of the task ahead of me and I highly recommend anyone tackling their wardrobe at the moment to do the same.

Apart from not becoming overwhelming, it’s also allowing me to focus on what I want to keep and what needs to go and I would like to have a much smaller amount of clothes that I wear more often.

I have more than enough clothes already so I’m really going to try and not buy anything new for the rest of the year.

Instead of spending money on clothes, I’ve decided I’m going to invest a bit in skincare and use that when I feel like I need to treat myself. There is nothing nicer than spending some time in the evening and being a bit extra with your facial routine.

One brand I have completely fallen in love with recently is West Cork-based Daughters of Flowers. Formerly known as Warrior Botanicals, Daughters of Flowers is a whole plant approach to natural beauty.

Inspired by herbalism, the brand is an ode to simple ingredients, slow processes and passed down folk wisdom.

Inside the 200 year old studio in Spillers Lane in Clonakilty, the small team creates skin, body and hair care that honours the rhythms of our bodies and seasons of the earth. Daughters of Flowers carries a core collection of handmade plant based beauty care.

Trusted favourites from their past are returning alongside new products and slow living essentials of floral tea blends and bespoke goods for home and garden.

Each offering is carefully crafted and sourced by founder and maker Reidin Beattie with the intention to support simple living and natural beauty routines.

In a world of complex and artificial ingredients, Daughters of Flowers shares a potent yet humble alternative. Each and every product created - from the best selling deodorant creams to the hydrating facial serums - will always be cruelty-free, small batch and free of sulfates, synthetics, artificial fragrances, petroleum, preservatives and GMO ingredients.

In keeping with beauty folklore, many of the infusions within Daughters of Flowers are created on the new moon, steeping for up to three luna cycles.

Botanical extracts are carefully considered and created in house for their nourishing and gentle properties, using local and seasonal Irish plants whenever possible. Within the core range there are essential oil free balms and serums designed for sensitive skin and expectant mothers, alongside seasonal products that can support women's cycles, winter skin and healthy hair.

At the heart of the Daughters of Flowers is an ethos deeply rooted in the wise woman tradition and the natural magic of plants. A brand inspired not only by natural ingredients but by the seasons and the stars.

Daughters of Flowers embraces the cycles of Mother Earth by crafting beauty care that supports our bodies as they dilate with the seasons like the flowers around us. The scents and textures of each of the products are beautifully luxurious and a personal favourite of mine is the facial balm which has a gorgeous feel to it and is just amazing on the skin.

It can be used daily on dry skin or every now and again during cold weather or if your skin needs a bit of a treat.

I also get very dry skin in the winter so the body oil is something I’ll be using all the time as a post shower treat. It’s like a beautiful spa treatment at home!