Phlebotomy training can set you up as a healthcare professional.

Take the pain out of healthcare training

Many healthcare institutions such as GP surgeries and hospitals now employ phlebotomists to perform the role of collecting blood from their in-patients and out-patients.

Phlebotomists – the healthcare professionals who take your blood – are the experts who have been gradually replacing nurses and doctors and who specialise in just collecting blood samples.

Phlebotomy posts are usually very flexible and can vary from full and part-time hospital posts to part time work in surgeries and clinics. Courses are running in Cork next year on 30 April and 1 May 2022.

Geopace Training tutors travel from across country and even internationally to train phlebotomy students. Each Geopace class lasts two full days and at the end of the course students will have attained an accredited certificate in phlebotomy.

Students need no prior experience in healthcare and come from all walks of life and all ages. Geopace phlebotomy training provides a very thorough grounding in both theory and practical elements and prepares students up to the point of ‘live blood draws’.

“It’s also a lot of fun,” said Tasmin, Admin Manager at Geopace Training. “Many students email us after completing the course to say how enjoyable it was and many others let us know that they have been accepted for phlebotomy posts.”

The training programme is constantly updated to keep up with new developments and changes, so students receive the most current information and training available.

Students attending the course are very hands-on, practicing on artificial arms with fake blood with a choice of veins to perform and practise on. There is also a theory element to complete and there are no exams to worry about at the end - students complete modules as they process through the course and under the guidance of the tutor. Once completed, the course awards a nationally recognised and accredited certificate in phlebotomy (accredited at Level 5 in Ireland).

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