Pintman Paddy Losty is heading out for Halloween.

Paddy Losty’s at it again

The Pintman Paddy Losty has survived lockdown and now he’s back for a special Halloween sesh and a feed of ‘crips’.

Back in March, a game designer from Cork released an early version of ‘Pintman: Escape the Lockdown’, a 2D platformer starring the pint-swilling hero made famous in a short YouTube video in 2017.

Not only has Paddy escaped the lockdown, but he’s learned some new tricks along the way, including firing empty beer cans at his enemies.

The demo will serve as a taster for fans of the game to show how development is going so far, as well as a bit of extra Halloween fun.

“Pintman's look has been updated. He can now climb ladders and also sports a new attack where he can throw empty beer cans at enemies as well as the tried and tested jumping on heads method,” said the developer.