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'If you don't know, don't do it'

More than half of Irish consumers have been forced to have sub-standard plumbing work redone, a recent survey has revealed.

The survey was undertaken by Foley’s Plumbing and Electrical on Pouladuff Road to get a better understanding of what customers really think about plumbers and how much trust they place in this essential trade.

Overall, the research gives plumbers a thumbs up with most respondents saying they are happy to invest in plumbing work carried out by a certified, professional plumber.

However, 24 per cent confessed that they would use an unqualified plumber if they gave a very cheap quote, with almost 11 per cent saying would ask a friend or relative who does a lot of DIY.

Reassuringly, just a little over four per cent said they would be willing to risk doing the job themselves to save money.

Not going down the professional route has cost many consumers it seems, with 54 per cent saying they have had plumbing work carried out that had to be redone afterwards.

Although now, according to the findings, a convincing 76 per cent of respondents said they would know where to turn off the water supply in their home until a professional arrives to fix the problem.

Almost five per cent could end up with wet toes, as they didn't know it was even possible to turn off the incoming water!

The survey found that only 36 per cent of respondents said their first port of call when looking for a professional plumber would be to contact a professional association such as Heating and Plumbing Association of Ireland or the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors of Ireland.

Meanwhile, just over 25 per cent would ask friends for recommendations, proving that providing a good service to customers is still a vital part of the job.

James Foley, Managing Director of Foley’s Plumbing and Electrical said: “Sure, there are some inexpensive fixes for certain plumbing issues, but the first important rule is, ‘If you don’t know, don’t do it’. Plumbing repairs are not one of those things you want to just take a crack at if you simply have no idea what you’re doing. The damage you can do while you’re undergoing your very own brand of on-the-job-training can be extensive and expensive, especially as there are some issues such as gas plumbing or hot water repairs which a qualified plumber could take care of quickly and efficiently, while keeping costs under control.”

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