Eoin and April O’Carroll from Ballincollig exploring Dubray’s new bookshop. Photo: Darragh Kane

Dubray: ‘We have long wanted to open in Cork’

By Katie O'Keeffe

Bibliophiles rejoice, there’s a new two-storey book shop to explore.

Dubray Books, which currently has eight outlets across Wicklow, Dublin and Galway is opening just in time for the busy Christmas period on Pana.

General Manager Maria Dickenson told the Cork Independent that now is the right time for them to branch out in Cork: “We have long wanted to open in Cork, we were looking pre Covid-19 but could not find a suitable place, so when we looked again after we found 83-85 Patrick Street which is just a lovely place.” Cork has an array of bookshops including Vibes and Scribes and Waterstones and Maria hopes the book lovers of Cork will welcome the new addition to the book browsers.

She said: “Cork has such a lively arts community so we are so excited to become part of that.”

While online shopping may have become the more popular option especially in recent months Maria feels a traditional brick and mortar store like a bookshop has an experience that cannot be offered online.

She explained: “One of the joys of a good book shop is that you can discover things, you can stumble across little gems that you wouldn’t find online, you can get personal recommendations that aren’t based on an online algorithm.” The arrival of a new bookshop to the city centre will bring a new lease of life to the city centre just in time for Christmas.