ADHD Ireland is in the process of setting up a Cork branch in the city. Photo: Yves Alarie

ADHD Ireland to open Cork branch soon

An organisation supporting people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has received the green light to start the process of creating a new Cork branch.

It’s expected that the ADHD Ireland Cork branch will be open in early 2022.

Nicola Coss ADHD Ireland, National Service Development Manager, said: “We are extremely happy to be expanding, especially as it’s Cork!

“We definitely have some big shoes to fill as Joe Jeffers, the CEO and founder of ADHD Cork, had dedicated his life to supporting people with ADHD in the Cork region.”

The charity said it is aiming to create friendly space for individuals, families and educators to come and be able to participate in a variety of groups, events and training on the ground.

Currently everything is delivered online which will continue to happen.

Ken Kilbride CEO of ADHD Ireland, said: “The live interaction is vital for our members and for us. We have been working hard to prove that the expansion is needed and we are grateful for the support we have received to deliver our services in Cork.”

It comes after ADHD Cork closed earlier in the year due to a number of circumstances beyond its control, along with a lack of volunteers to sit on the management committee.

The ADHD Cork office, within the Bessborough Centre, closed on 30 April 2021. ADHD Ireland said the process to develop services in Cork is “moving very well”.

ADHD Ireland is currently sourcing premises in Cork city and are looking for the new team members, including the Cork Service Development Manager which has just been advertised and can be applied for until 19 November. The organisation is hoping to launch the new branch early in the next year with a willingness to support, educate and bring awareness of ADHD to the people of Cork.

For more on the Service Development Manager Position, email