Hundreds of century old letters between Michael Collins and Kitty Kiernan have been brought to life in a new podcast.

Collins’ letters brought to life

A new podcast featuring century old letters passed between Michael Collins and Kitty Kiernan has been created by the Michael Collins House Museum in Clonakilty.

The eleven episode podcast My Dearest Kitty marks the centenary of the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty on 6 December 1921 and was funded by Cork County Council’s Commemorations Committee.

One hundred years ago, as Michael Collins assisted in leading the Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiation in London, he was also negotiating a new and long-distance personal relationship with Kitty Kiernan.

The new podcast tells the story of their evolving relationship as well as the developing story of the Treaty negotiations through their 300 letters and telegrams.

Episodes one-seven are now available on and the museum’s YouTube channel, with further episodes to be released daily until 6 December.

Commenting on the podcast and the letters exchanged by Collins and Kiernan, the Mayor of the County of Cork Cllr Gillian Coughlan said the correspondence is affectionate, loving and romantic, while also revealing elements of the couple’s power dynamic as they sought to establish their relationship.

She said: “My Dearest Kitty is a fascinating podcast looking at Ireland’s most tragic love story. Michael Collins and Kitty Kiernan wrote more than 300 letters to each other and their words have been brought to life in this beautifully produced series.

“It is wonderful to hear about the personal and political lives of Michael Collins in this way, as we begin to understand the weight of issues occupying his mind in the momentous weeks of the Anglo-Irish negotiations. Cork County Council is proud to support the creation of this podcast series through the Commemorations Committee, as we mark the events that define our history and inform who we are as a nation today.”

My Dearest Kitty is based on a script by Michael Collins House Museum in Clonakilty and the podcast and accompanying videos have been professionally produced by Mirador Media and its team of voice-over actors.

Episodes will be uploaded daily to and the Michael Collins House Museum YouTube channel until Monday 6 December.