REPRO FREENewly elected mayor of Cork County Cllr. Gillian Coughlan. First elected in 2009, Ms Coughlan worked as a representative in Bandon Town Council before being appointed to the Bandon Kinsale Municipal District in Cork County Council. She topped the poll in the Bandon Kinsale MD in the 2019 local electionsPic Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

County Mayor's Diary

Councillor Gillian Coughlan

Last week there was good news for the many community groups who conserve built heritage in the county with the launch of the national €8 million Built Heritage Investment Scheme and the Historic Structures Fund 2022.

Cork County Council is proud to administer these funds and collaborate with those who protect our built heritage.

Our rich heritage is what sets us apart and what attracts so many visitors to Ireland every year. The schemes will support local jobs in conservation and construction as well as keeping traditional skills alive. There is also the potential for some historic buildings in our town centres to be refurbished, brought back into use and even turned into homes!

Complementing these promising funding schemes, the council’s Historic Monuments Advisory Committee will host an online workshop about the grants this coming Thursday 9 December.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the Built Heritage Investment Scheme, the Historic Structures Fund and the Community Monuments Fund which are now open for applications. I strongly encourage all who are interested to register by emailing before 5pm on Monday 6 December.

History enthusiasts are also in for a treat with the release of a new podcast from the Council-owned Michael Collins House Museum in Clonakilty that explores the relationship between the Big Man and Kitty Kiernan through letters exchanged between them during the Anglo Irish Treaty Negotiations in London. ‘My Dearest Kitty’ is a fascinating look into a time of great change both for one of Ireland’s most important revolutionaries and for the emerging nation itself.

The affectionate correspondence shows us the romantic side of the brilliant general and tactician, replete with intrigue as elements of the couple’s power dynamic influences the establishment of their relationship.

We learn about the personal and political lives of Michael Collins in this way, as we begin to understand the weight of issues occupying his mind in the momentous weeks of the Anglo-Irish negotiations.

This podcast series is supported by the Council through the Commemorations Committee and provides people with a new way to reflect on the origins of Irish Independence.

Our built and cultural heritage shape day to day life throughout the county, and a visit to towns and villages will reveal it all under sparkling Christmas lights for the month ahead.

Cork County Council, community and business groups have created a wonderful festive atmosphere in our towns and villages for the run-up to Christmas and so many wonderful events and stores are at our doorsteps.

A Real Cork Christmas has begun! So visit your local towns and villages, enjoy the lights, a hot chocolate and picking up some unique gifts while supporting local artists, craftmakers and businesses. I hope to see you out and about!