Give the gift of hearing

Winter can make hearing that bit harder, physically, the experts say, as lower temperatures can cause tinnitus and earwax problems. Darker evenings and bad weather also mean we need good hearing to alert us to danger.

Dolores Madden, Hidden Hearing Audiologist and Marketing Director, warned: “Pedestrians need to be sure they can hear traffic approach. At work, when gardening, or just out-and-about, missing a warning call can mean injury or worse.”

Radio presenter Harry Lee fronts much of Hidden Hearing’s TV advertising. He again stars in the brand’s new festive campaign, sharing the joy of music and a live Christmas choir. “There is no bigger gift than the gift of hearing. I wish I had looked after my hearing sooner. For those like me, who want the most out of life, a free hearing check-up would be an ideal present to yourself this Christmas,” he said.

Recent research among people with hearing loss indicates that 72 per cent of them wish their hearing was better to enjoy the festive season and special gatherings. Hidden Hearing is giving away €50,000 of the most advanced hearing aids this Christmas, completely free, to complement its festive marketing. People can nominate themselves or a loved one, family member or friend for the #GiftOfHearing this Christmas, at

Christmas banter, the shopping buzz, family gatherings, carols and concerts are all worth hearing, Dolores said.

She believes a lot of people struggle to hear and either don’t realise it, or ignore their problem: “In Ireland, about two-thirds of hearing loss goes untreated, for various reasons. Around 100,000 people risk their safety and wellbeing, as well as potential knock-on impacts of hearing loss, which can include isolation, depression, dementia and poorer heart health.”

“Conversation, socialising, listening and learning all rely on the ability to hear clearly. We lose out on a lot, if we don’t make a point of looking after our hearing early in life,” she said.