Anti-mould wall paint being applied.

Solve your worst problems

Looking for make a property look as good as new?

This might help you complete your to do list in no time and create a home you can be proud of this winter.

Ronseal’s range of problem-solving solutions is perfect for tackling even the toughest of jobs – forget grot spots and no-go areas, a property can look as good as new in no time.

Start with the bathroom an turn it into a sanctuary of cleanliness and calm, somewhere to retreat to during the long winter months.

Ronseal offers a range of easy-to-use products to combat common problems like unsightly mould, condensation, and damp which can make things look and feel less than comfortable.

The Kitchen and Bathroom Repair Kit is a cover-all product that takes care of ugly chips and minor damage to most fixtures and appliances. Whether it’s porcelain, enamel, acrylic, ceramic, or fibreglass, the kit has everything needed to get the job done including hardener, filler, and touch-up enamel.

It is completely waterproof and mould-resistant; it will leave surfaces looking brand new.

For mould that appears on showers or grout lines, Ronseal’s One Coat Grout Pen will quickly work its magic, getting rid of black and dirty-looking mould without costly and time-consuming re-grouting.

With this practical product, the job is done in just one coat, and with the spare nibs you’ll have a bathroom that shines year round.

Dreaded damp can ruin paintwork. However, Ronseal One Coat Damp Seal can permanently cover stains and stop them from coming back – what’s more, no primer is needed and it’s ready to paint over in just four hours.

Tackling condensation early can also stop damp patches from appearing at all. Brushing on Ronseal’s Anti-Condensation Paint to add a layer of insulation and keeps walls dry.

It’s touch dry in one to two hours and it presents a tough, scrubbable finish that can be painted over, or left as a new finish.