Ann Doherty confirmed the news last night.

Design work begins on events centre

Final detail design plans for the events centre on South Main Street have begun, nearly six years after the sod was turned on the 6,000 seater project.

This came to light during last night’s Cork City Council meeting after Independent Councillor Mick Finn asked for an update on it.

During question time, Cllr Finn was told by Ann Doherty, Chief Executive of Cork City Council, that Cork City Council has been advised that the Live Nation and BAM consortium has commenced final detailed design of the Cork events centre.

“It’s understood this will be completed in the third quarter of next year. This brings the events centre a further step on the process,” she said.

Responding to the Ms Doherty, Cllr Finn described it as “great news” that it has advanced to the final design stage.

He added: “It’s been a very long process, but I think this is a new starting point and I’d to commend the Chief Executive, BAM and Live Nation for staying with it. It’s a real vote of confidence for Cork and it the shot in the arm that we all need in difficult times. “

Cllr Finn then asked Ms Doherty if there was anything further that Cork City Council needed to do?

She replied: “As you said, it’s great and we are all welcoming that the design team is working on it. In line with all of the diligence processes that are required under the public spending code, we now will proceed to the phase of finalising the business case and we will be advertising in the coming days to procure the relevant expertise to undertake that work. That’s the next step from our perspective.”