Volunteering at the building of an organic community garden at Murphy’s Farm in Bishopstown are Telus International Ireland HR Director Miriam Manning, Jean Downey, Chairperson of Bishopstown Tidy Towns and Maria Young, Coordinator of Greener Spaces for Health. Photos: Michael O’Sullivan/OSM PHOTO

Blooming Bishopstown

A new garden in Cork city will see the local community grow fruit and vegetables in raised beds.

The organic community garden in Bishopstown was also planted with wildflowers, and the garden includes a picnic area and bee hotels.

Situated adjacent to St Gabriel's Special School, the garden will now serve as an asset to local children in the community.

The garden came to fruition thanks to the volunteer efforts of 50 team members from Telus International Ireland, Greener Spaces for Health and Bishopstown Tidy Towns.

The event was part of the Telus Days of Giving initiative, which brings together team members, retirees, family and friends, customers and fellow citizens to give back and make positive impacts in our communities.

Speaking on the garden project, Miriam Manning, HR Director at Telsus International Ireland, said: “Giving back to the community where we work and live is of utmost importance to us at Telsus International Ireland. This is a core element of our culture, and the generous efforts of our 50 volunteers demonstrates the commitment our team has to giving where we live.

“We were delighted to work with Bishopstown Tidy Towns and Greener Spaces for Health on this project to build an organic community garden that everyone can enjoy, especially the children at St Gabriel's Special School next door.”

The Eco Telus Days of Giving in Bishopstown aligns with Telus International Ireland's own commitment at its Mahon campus. Part of the All-Ireland Pollinator plan, where thousands of native Irish bees were introduced into the garden earlier this year. The campus' garden is also planted with wildflowers and organic vegetables, which were shared this year with local charities such as the Rainbow Club, which provides support and help to families living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Tony Barry, Chief Financial Officer at Telus International Ireland said: “Sustainability is a key focus for us, and something that's very much spearheaded by our own team members.

“Having the opportunity to run an event like this one, where we could combine our passion for giving back with our dedication to environmental improvements, is an incredible achievement and a very proud moment for Telus International Ireland. We can't wait to do even more in 2022.”

Jean Downey, Secretary of Bishopstown Tidy Towns, thanked Telus International Ireland for their work. “We are so grateful for the work put into creating this space. Knowing that 50 people were willing to volunteer with us means so much. This new garden is a gift to our community; a place to socialise, relax, grow and learn together.”

Maria Young, Coordinator of Greener Spaces for Health added: “Green spaces have a profound impact on our physical and mental health, and this new garden will be a great resource for the people of Bishopstown and the children at St Gabriel's Special School. Telus International Ireland has been incredibly generous with their time and resources, and this garden would not have been possible without them.”