Looking at the logistics of a new career

Do you want to earn as you learn with the guarantee of a career? Well the Logistics Associate Apprenticeship (LAA) launched in September 2018, offers career and education options for school leavers and mature students who prefer paid, on-the-job training while studying for a qualification over a full-time college course.

In addition, it is aimed at existing employees who wish to advance in their careers.

It is available at MTU in Cork and since last month, apprenticeships and further education have been listed as an alternative route to third-level education on the newly reformed college entry system CAO website.

Anna Gorecka, Project Manager for the Logistics Associate Apprenticeship said: “Having the logistics associate apprenticeship on the CAO application form will create awareness and offers a validity of the programme.”

The scheme has played a crucial role in attracting and developing new talent and helping to surmount the recruitment difficulties that the sector has been experiencing in recent years. Apprenticeships are a programme of structured education and training that alternates learning in the workplace with learning at a third-level education provider or training centre.

The success of the programme can be determined by the fact that nearly 80 employers have taken part in the programme. There have been 225 apprentices enrolled on the programme since its start in 2018. A state incentive of €3,000 is also available for employers who hire apprentices.

How does the

apprenticeship work?

The LAA is a two-year programme providing the academic education and practical on-the-job training across the logistics industries. Apprentices enter a contract of two years duration, where they will work on a full-time basis with an employer while being paid a salary and spend one day a week with MTU or Technological University in Dublin for their academic studies. Successful completion of this programme will lead to a QQI Level 6 Award on the NFQ - Higher Certificate in Logistics. From that point, there are many routes of progression into Level 7 and even Level 8 degree courses. For more, contact 01-8447516, email agorecka@laa.ie or visit laa.ie.