The Two Norries, James Leonard and Timmy Long are gearing up for a tour and a huge show in Cork next month.

Cork duo are changing the conversation

The Two Norries will bring their show to Cork Opera House next month.

The show on Leeside will cap a tour of appearances in front of live audiences in Dublin and Waterford for the hosts of the hugely successful podcast.

Hailing from the northside of Cork, James Leonard and Timmy Long spent many years in drug and other addictions, as well as spending some time in prison before turning their lives around. Now, their number one mental health and recovery podcast has created a space for conversations and vulnerability as the hosts channel their struggles and recovery into helping others.

They way in which they engage with their guests has opened up a space in mainstream conversation that allows the experiences and wisdom of others be shared freely and candidly.

Their new live show, The Two Norries - Changing the Conversation Tour, will explore the challenges and realities of life in a raw, genuine and personal way.

Along the way, the lads will share real life stories and experiences with a wealth of recognisable faces, discussing trauma, mental health, addiction, recovery, overcoming struggles and much more in an open and supportive environment, in front of a live audience.

Speaking in the build-up to the tour James says: “I'm delighted to be bringing our podcast on tour because an audience will add something extra special to an already very special podcast. Some of the conversations we've had the pleasure to record so far had me crying, laughing, and ultimately inspired. I'm beyond thrilled to be bringing this experience to a live audience.”

The Two Norries - Changing the Conversation Tour will begin in Dublin this Saturday and hit Waterford on the following Friday. Then, on 12 February they will bring their show home to the Cork Opera House with guest, adventurer and author Pat Falvey.

Tickets are now on sale at