Cllr Oliver Moran.

Fine increase welcomed

New fines for motorists who park on footpaths, cycle lanes and bus lanes will come into effect next month, it was announced recently.

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan has signed regulations doubling the fixed charge penalty for motorists caught parking on footpaths, cycle tracks and bus lanes from €40 to €80. The new €80 penalties will come into effect on 1 February.

The Green Party in Cork welcomed the new fines with Cllr Oliver Moran explaining: “Since being elected, and even before then, myself and my colleagues have been campaigning to have the penalty for motorists blocking other road users like this to be increased. This isn't simply a matter of over-staying in legal parking bay, it selfishly takes road spaces from other road users, often the most vulnerable.”

The Cork City North East Councillor added: “I've seen children having to step out into traffic to get around parked cars on footpaths. Or a hundred people on a bus being held up by one person who left a car in a bus lane. Or cyclists having to merge in quickly with fast moving traffic to avoid a van parked on a cycle lane.

“In 2018, the fine for parking in a disabled bay increased from €80 to €150. It's good to see blockers being called out now as being different to people who simply overstay in a legal parking bay. It's been normalised for too long. It needs to be made clear that it isn't acceptable and enforcement from the city must now follow.”