Winter’s skin saviour

The recent cold weather can leave your skin feeling not like it should.

In the winter, cold air and central heating can work together to dry out the skin, and those suffering from eczema and other dermatitis conditions can struggle to maintain moisture in the skin, as their skin barrier is compromised.

The team at Emuaid, which can be your cold weather skincare saviour this winter, has come up with five ways to protect your skin during this season.

Avoid harsh soaps

If your soap is so strong that it leaves your skin feeling ‘squeaky clean’, then it’s stripped the skin of its natural oils, leaving it too dry. Alcohol-based preps will do the same thing. That’s why it’s important to use a gentle product that will cleanse the skin without removing the oils.

Use a good moisturiser to hydrate your skin

Between the harsh winds and air conditioning, our skin is put through the ringer during winter, so it’s important to moisturise with the right product that will relieve your skin. Emuaid could be the perfect companion this winter and will give instant relief and hydration to the skin barrier.

Take warm (not hot) showers

One of the skin’s most important roles is to keep moisture locked in, but long, hot baths and showers, as well as aggressive exfoliation, can damage this ability. When the skin’s barrier function is compromised, we get trans-epidermal water loss, which makes skin drier.

Avoid wearing irritating clothes

Make sure you don’t wear synthetic clothes that may irritate your skin further. Breathable cotton fabrics are a great option in cold weather.

Hydrate from the inside

We don’t feel thirsty in cold weather, but our skin needs the same amount of hydration irrespective of the external environment. Make sure you are getting the necessary water to keep yourself hydrated.