Anyone can learn to dance. Photo: Ardian Lumi

Learn to dance like the stars!

Some people think they have two left feet and can’t learn to dance.

“This could not be further from the truth. If you can walk, you can dance,” according to instructor Anne Hurley, who has been teaching dancing in Cork for the past 20 years.

Anne is organising new beginners’ classes which are due to begin from Tuesday 25 January at Greenmount National School and from Thursday 27 January at Blarney GAA Club.

The beginners' class will start with easy steps in the old time waltz and will help people get used to dancing with a partner.

“We guarantee you will go home being able to dance. The next week will start with revision of last week's steps and then gradually introducing other dances such as the social foxtrot, quickstep, tango, jive and many more. My usual strategy is to give people just enough of each dance to make it around the floor before going back to learn more steps in each one. That way, people can go out and practise as soon as possible without having to sit out the dances you have yet to learn,” said Anne.

Ballroom dancing has regained popularity owing to the success of TV shows like ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘Dancing With The Stars’, so whether you have a company dance to attend, you want to dance at your wedding, or you just want to be a casual social dancer, there is a suitable class for you.

The classes feature a mixture of ballroom, Latin American and fun dances in the beginners' courses and regular continuation courses are also available.