The H&M Man HM Essentials.

Paring it back to those essential pieces

This year I really want to make the way I dress a lot simpler.

I think the best way to do that is to invest in a core wardrobe of some key basic pieces.

Once you have the foundations of your wardrobe, it really is so easy to build outfits every day taking the stress out of choosing what to wear every day.

Of course, everyone’s style needs are different and so one must take their lifestyle into account, but for every day wear I have been inspired by the stylish simplicity of the new H&M Man HM Essentials collection.

Yes, this is menswear but it really has successfully pared the collection back to the key pieces that anyone can wear. It features an ever-expanding range of perfect products that never go out of style. The on-going concept brings together the most popular design classics, making it easier for men to find, buy and even replace their most-loved, most-needed items.

The Essentials range is set to evolve throughout 2022, making it the go-to for menswear basics that are anything but.

It really shows how relaxed dressing has become over the past two years as I would always consider one of the key pieces in any wardrobe to now be a great sweatshirt or hoodie. It’s a great piece to tone down any wardrobe and I use it to layer over dresses and to make dressier skirts and trousers in my wardrobe more wearable for every day.

I love how the HM Essentials collection focuses on earthy neutral tones which all work so well together including, brown, black and cream sweatshirts that are all great additions to any wardrobe.

If you want to elevate your style and up your layering game, then a great white shirt is essential. Again, it’s something everyone can wear and it’s all about finding the right one for you.

Under sweatshirts I tend to prefer using a crisp white cotton shirt to give a cool daywear vibe. Alternatively, I’ll pair a more flowy shirt under a camo jacket and thick black leggings and boots for a look that is so comfortable and is my daily outfit go-to.

For a crisp white shirt, I sometimes like to size down with a man’s shirt to give a bit of an oversized look so I will definitely be giving the HM Essentials shirt a go.

The collection also features a great check print overcoat which would make a great gift for the man in your life and would be the perfect piece to elevate their current wardrobe staples.

It’s these subtle yet statement pieces that pull the whole look together and add the finishing touches. Lastly, we could not talk about wardrobe essentials without mentioning denim and it’s really worth spending a little bit of time assessing the right denim for you.

I have completely given up on any sort of skinny denim as I just find it too uncomfortable and so I’ve completely committed to the high waist straight leg. It offers just the right amount of structure and relaxed fit for a cool denim look plus all footwear works with the straight leg.

For guys the same is true with a much more easy going and relaxed fit denim taking over from the skinnier styles. It’s all about easy, comfort dressing while still looking chic and stylish.