Switching from winter in Ireland to sunny Spain

I love taking a break at this time of year as someone whose job is very busy all through December but gets quieter in the new year, so it’s the perfect opportunity to go on holiday and come back refreshed for the year ahead.

I must say though the one downside of going to the sun at this time of year is trying to envision what warm weather is like and how does one pack for said warm weather.

My main concern is what kind of outfit will take me from winter in Ireland to the sunshine in Spain and back again.

I like to be comfortable but a little bit smart when travelling, so I’ve gone for a matching sweatshirt and skirt in sweatshirt fabric for the journey over with a navy lightweight coat over it.

I’ll pair with my trainers and a bare leg which I may just about be able to manage in Ireland. The thought of arriving into the heat wearing tights is not for me.

We are leaving relatively early on the way back with just enough time for breakfast so I’ll keep it cosy and casual with a tracksuit and pop the coat on over it once we land.

Bringing only hand luggage/10kg bag means I’ve got to get economical with space and be extremely planned with what I will wear.

It of course is much easier to do this when it’s warm and you are able to pack lighter items.

The struggle comes when you have to include bulky knitwear which thankfully I don’t this time.

I have to jot down each day that I’ll be there and plan what I will wear for day and night.

I’m not one for bringing spare items so I really think about what I might like to wear each day.

Plus swimming togs, workout gear and pyjamas. You would be amazed at how much I have fitted into my rucksack.

Dresses of course are ideal for this type of holiday, a one and done situation.

I have also packed a couple of very light co-ord pieces that looking quite dressy but can be worn at night time for dinner with a little heel but then I can also pair the trousers with a t-shirt and flats for day time lounging.

As I’m not totally sure the evenings will be that warm, I need a jacket I can just throw over everything and either a denim jacket or a cream oversized blazer does the trick here.

One thing we are all guilty of when packing is throwing in too many shoes only to wear the same ones every day.

I just make sure that the shoes I take will go with everything. I have a pair of silver low block heels for evening, a pair of dad sandals for day and my trainers.

For day the shoes have to be especially comfortable because I do a lot of walking on holidays and sore feet in the heat is definitely not pleasant.

Accessories I keep it to an absolute minimum which is hard because I normally wear a lot of jewellery.

I take one crossbody bag that again works with everything and a small bag for night time which doubles as a holder for any extra jewellery bits.

I never bring any of my good jewellery on holiday because I once thought I had lost my whole pouch of wedding jewellery on a trip only to find it on my last day stuffed in an unworn shoe.

Needless to say I do not want that panic again!