Veganuary is a growing trend. Photo: Anna Pelzer

Will Veganuary continue into February?

Is veganism something you are interested in? Well veganism has never been more popular and Veganuary is becoming a bigger deal each year.

In a recent survey, nearly 50% of respondents reported mood boosting benefits when tucking into a plant-based alternative.

When asked if Veganuary was a good opportunity for the vegan-curious to sample the range of options now available, 57% of people agreed, with over 62% of flexitarians now substituting meat for a vegan alternative at least once a week and 40% claiming to have ordered a vegan dish as their takeaway of choice.

The survey was by Just Eat who have some special offers for vegan food this month. The food ordering and delivery app is delivering convenience to vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and conscious carnivores committed to the annual Veganuary challenge.

With the majority (61%) of those surveyed now motivated to consider a vegan lifestyle beyond 31 January, Just Eat restaurant partners across Ireland have been extending their vegan delivery offerings in celebration of the annual movement and the increase in demand.

Whether you’re choosing beans and greens with a veggie packed curry or perhaps a Vegan Supreme from Chopped, there’s a tasty alternative for everyone on the Just Eat menu.

If these trends prove anything, you certainly don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy vegan food and with hundreds of wholesome, flavourful vegan options on Just Eat it’s never too late to try something new and flex your palette. Order online at