Mick Moriarty, the Baldy Barber is celebrating 85 years in business with a €1k giveaway.

Oldest barbershop celebrates 85 years

By Geraldine Fitzgerald

“I get a kick out of giving something back to our customers,” said the man with his name over the door at Mick Moriarty's Barber on Great William O’Brien Street in Blackpool, and the fella responsible for the hefty prize up for grabs this year- a travel voucher worth a tasty €1,000.

Affectionately known as the Baldy Barber, Mick is a proper old-school legend whose family is part of the rich tapestry of history in Cork, and his shop is now the oldest operating barbershop in the city, according to Mick.

2022 is special for him, as this year sees Moriarty’s celebrate 85 years in business. Mick’s late father first opened his barbershop on Merchant’s Quay, in 1937 where it serviced the ships full of sailors needing haircuts that drew alongside the nearby docks.

“My dad had his prices on display outside the door and made it a point to charge everybody the same. People told him he could make a killing from lads who couldn’t speak English and were leaving the next day, but that’s not how he did business. We have had the same philosophy ever since- from age 2 to age 22 to age 92, we charge everyone the same fair price.”

People might go for the value – it’s only €16 for a cut, unless you want loads of mad extras- but they stay for the craic as clients old and new solve the problems of the world with chats in the chair.

Now employing a loyal team of five cutters, Mick goes into the shop every day, if only for a guest appearance. He’s been cutting hair for 56 years, despite his own shiny pate (hence the wry moniker of Baldy Barber). He’s also the creator of an all-natural lotion found to be highly effective for people with alopecia areata, which can be purchased in-house.

All customers who get a haircut at Mick Moriarty’s will be entered into the draw for the €1,000 travel/holiday voucher each time they visit; the winner will be announced on Easter Sunday.