Jerry O Mullane plays Paddy O'Sullivan who thinks he's James Bond, but is he?

Double O’Sullivan...

Over the past 60 or so years, James Bond movies have taken audiences to the most exotic and sophisticated corners of the earth, so it was really only a matter of time before 007 came to Cork.

Feature length action comedy ‘Bond Delusion’ tells the story of Paddy O’Sullivan, a Corkonian father and husband who, after escaping from a psychiatric hospital, fully believes that he is the one and only James Bond, complete with a ridiculous Connery-esque Scottish accent.

Set loose on Leeside, ‘Bond’ travels with three loyal companions who happen to be stuffed toys: a proboscis monkey, and a male and female rabbit. Bond believes these to be M, Q and a Spanish secret agent called Sanchez.

Bond’s wife and daughter are desperately trying to catch up with him and bring him back to hospital, however, in a hilarious twist, a crew of real international terrorists touch down in Cork and go after Paddy – sorry – Bond. This leaves everybody questioning reality. Could Paddy O’Sullivan really be James Bond?

The brainchild of Cork-based actor and filmmaker Jerry O'Mullane, ‘Bond Delusion’ is a 75 minute long, no-budget spoof filmed entirely in Cork city and with an all-Cork cast. It even has its own original Bond theme tune ‘No Hero’ commissioned for free from local musician Jason O'Driscoll.

O’Mullane not only plays the lead role in the flick, but he also wrote, directed and edited it, not to mention looking after lighting and sound on set.

In 2019, O’Mullane formed amateur Cork-based film company JN Productions with actress Noelle Clarke who has since moved to Wicklow. 'Bond Delusion’ is the company’s first feature length comedy film.

O’Mullane said: “Noelle Clarke helped me to do the camerawork, lighting and live sound capture as we had no film crew so we did everything ourselves. I then spent two years editing the entire movie myself and doing an original movie soundtrack as I'm a musician also. I had to learn as I went along and had many challenges making this film, in particular, editing the 500GB of HD footage we shot into a movie.”

The film had its first outing last month in Clancy’s Bar where it was well received and is now set to move to the big screen with a showing in the 140 seat Regal Cinema in Youghal.