The land auction will take place in May.

Land auction next month

An auction will take place next month with land from across the country going under the virtual hammer.

Run by Iam Sold, it’ll be the company’s first national land auction.

Patrick Folan, Company Director, said: “We have been selling land by online auction for 10 years and there is growing demand for the service from the farming community and also for the sale of sites and development land. The sale of agricultural land and sites in general suits the auction process as parties can review the legal pack and maps prior to bidding.

“As the packs tend to be fairly straightforward on land and sites, this tends to be a quick process and buyers can make quick but informed decisions. When the property is sold, the successful bidder pays a 10 per cent non-refundable deposit immediately and the sale closes in approximately four weeks. This fast and secure process tends to suit and benefit both vendors and buyers alike and is fast becoming the most popular method for land sales.”

The types of land sales that are suited are one off sites, development land and also forestry land, all of which are advertised on a dedicated land website,

The auction will take place on 19 May.