Delicious Mexican eggs for brunch

We all know how versatile eggs are and this recipe from Roots Kitchen is sure to impress your guests when it’s your time to host brunch.

Serves 2

10-15 min prep time


4 large free range eggs

Dash of vinegar for poaching eggs

1 ripe avocado cut in half then sliced

2 spoons of Roots Seriously Good Salsa or any good quality tomato salsa

10g Dubliner Cheese (Shredded with a potato peeler)

2 slices sour dough bread


Lime wedges to serves


Heat a wide sauce pan with water and a dash of vinegar.

When the bubbles are simmering under the surface, add the four eggs and poach for three-four minutes depending on your liking.

While the eggs are on, toast your sour dough and set up your plates. Place sourdough on plates then sliced avocado half per plate, sit the eggs on top, then a spoon of our salsa, cheese and rocket with the lime on the side.