The Cork-based LGBT+ professional business network is the first of its kind in Ireland.

LGBT+ network to launch

Ireland's first LGBT+ professional business network is launching in Cork next month.

The network, called Work With Pride, was founded in 2021 to create an environment for members of the LGBT+ community to network and build professional relationships, as well as help individuals to broaden their career opportunities.

It also offers an opportunity for people to educate themselves on workplace topics that are relevant to the LGBT+ community and become a more inclusive colleague.

Speaking in advance of the launch, Work With Pride Professional Business Network chairperson Damien O'Halloran, said: “Diversity, equity and inclusion are big buzz words now in the corporate and business world, but for us, this is a practical way of making a difference and connecting professionals.

“The network was founded out of the necessity to cater for the rising number of LGBT+ members coming out in the workplace, across a multitude of sectors and verticals. It's important that we - and our allies - have a place to network in a professional capacity, and to be able to connect and strengthen business connections with like-minded people.”

The Work With Pride Professional Business Network is a Cork LGBT+ Pride initiative. It will host a series of formal and informal events throughout the year for the LGBT+ community and their allies, including the annual Work with Pride Diversity and Inclusion Conference.

The network will be officially launched at The River Lee Hotel on 12 May.

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