Strengthen your skin with collagen

Collagen is a major component of your skin. It plays a role in strengthening skin, as well as in elasticity and hydration.

As you age, your body produces less collagen leading to dry skin and the formation of wrinkles which is the natural ageing process.

Many ingredients like retinol and peptides are collagen stimulating and your favourite skin clinic will have collagen stimulating treatments. Plumper hydrated skin will always look good irrespective of your age.

Swedish Collagen is a pioneering skin care brand that produces high quality beauty products, developed to prevent wrinkles and give new strength to your skin using a completely unique formula that works from within.

Inside you will find all the key ingredients to give you more radiant and firmer skin. The range is made up of four hero products that are filled with up to 12,500mg of collagen per dose along with a host of other active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals to strengthen collagen production in the body.

The formula is focused on skin nutrition and what your body needs to generate collagen. Each product also contains vitamins and minerals that boost skin, hair and nails such as vitamin C, B12, D-biotin, zinc and MSM. From €32.95 from pharmacies and

Nimue Collagen Eye Film (€60) is the ultimate self-care item. It’s a collagen-enriched eye film mask that drenches the skin in moisture for immediate plumbing, cooling and tightening.

This revitalising treatment reduces puffiness and bags under the eyes. Say goodbye to tired eyes and look fresh and ready to seize the day. You can also pop an unopened sachet in the fridge or into cold water for 15 minutes prior to application for a soothing, calming and draining effect on puffy eyes.

Relax and Renew Night Cream (€50) from Ella & Jo Cosmetics is the ultimate night cream your skin deserves after a busy day. Did you know that night-time is the best time to use active ingredients as your skin switches from ‘protect’ mode to ‘repair and renew’ mode as it recovers from the stresses of the day?

Relax and Renew Night Cream contains a super blend of key ingredients to stimulate skin renewal, plump out fine lines and wrinkles and repair the skin while you sleep. It also contains the ingredient bakuchiol, which is a gentle plant-based retinol alternative that promotes a fresh and clear complexion by speeding up skin turnover, reducing hyperpigmentation, lines and wrinkles and stimulating collagen and elastin.

Absolute Collagen Serum (€29.99) contains Matrixyl 3000 which promotes wrinkle smoothing and improves skin tone and elasticity. Matrixyl Synthe 6 is another clinically proven ingredient to even out skin and smooth wrinkles by rebuilding the skin from the inside out.

With added hyaluronic acid, this serum hydrates, plumps and smooths skin, while bakuchiol boosts cell turnover and stimulates collagen production while lessening lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.