A women’s shed in Ballincollig seeks a permanent home. Photo: Jeswin Thom

Women’s group seek new space

By Katie O’Keeffe

A women’s shed in Ballincollig is looking for its permanent home.

Vanja Dobre who lives in Ballincollig has set up a women’s shed to allow local women to get together and take up new hobbies such as arts and crafts.

Women's sheds are set up all over Cork and Ireland for women of all ages to re-connect with themselves and the wider community. The sheds are safe places where women can come together and take-part in various projects.

Vanja told the Cork Independent: “We started out as a group who were interested in art and crafts, but it was suggested to us that a women's shed would be the way forward, giving a hub to women in the area for many different subjects.”

She added: “We can exchange our skill set which other, many are interested in upskilling or even carpentry making bird houses or fairy doors.”

The local artist is looking for a base for the group to meet up which is proving hard to find. Vanja said: “We’re currently set up in a Tesco meeting room every Saturday but it’s not big enough to let the group grow and take on more.”

“There are many women interested in joining but we can’t fit everyone in to the room at the moment,” Vanja added.

Women's sheds are unique because they are one of the only spaces where women can come together at any life stage, engage in a variety of activities from yoga to dance and connect with other women in an all-female environment.

Connections with other women form quickly as you see the same faces at a variety of activities - you will always see someone you know. This is something the group sees as vital as people are struggling to get back into socialising following the post-Covid-19 restrictions and isolation.

The shed in Ballincollig hopes to blossom and find a permanent more suitable home so lots of fun events and gatherings can take place.