Author Patrick Mulcahy, The Mindful Farmer, at the launch of his book ‘Hope in a Time of Crisis’ at Ballinwillin House, Mitchelstown. Photos: Joleen Cronin

Mindful Farmer launches book

A new book chronicling the daily thoughts, feelings and prayers of a Cork farmer was launched this week.

Patrick Mulcahy’s book ‘Hope in a Time of Crisis’ was conceived at the beginning of Covid-19 as a series of blogs he wrote for his Facebook page called The Mindful Farmer.

Patrick, who has been practicing mindfulness and meditation from a young age, moved to Mitchelstown in 1978 and in 1985 bought Ballinwillin House and Farm with his wife Miriam.

Commenting on his new book, Patrick said that with restrictions lifted he is looking forward to expanding the reach of The Mindful Farmer to those who need it most.

He said: “Like so many of us, I didn't know what to expect in the early days of the first lockdown, but I certainly knew that hope and prayer would get me, my family and so many of us through it.

“I am passionate about The Mindful Farmer and am delighted to have the opportunity to engage with people through my writings in the media and on my own social media platforms.

I would encourage everyone to join me there as I feel certain that I can support and encourage anyone that needs some support and some encouragement.

“It is a great honour for me to launch my book here in the place that means so much to me and my family and each day’s writing in the book is an invitation to grow, pray and help each other.”

Guest of honour at the launch of the book at Ballinwillin House was wellknown lawyer with family connections to Mitchelstown, Dr Gerald Kean.

Speaking at the launch, Dr Kean said: “I am a great fan of Patrick and everything that he writes. The Mindful Farmer has such significance and relevance for our lives today.

“He is a tremendous support to so many people both publicly and privately and our country needs people like Patrick who can inspire us and coach us about the things from the past, present and future.

“His new book Hope in a time of crisis is without doubt a book that so many of us can relate to and we will never forget the uncertainty and darkness of those early days of the pandemic.”

Music on the day was provide by the one and only John Spillane who debuted his specially composed song ‘The Mindful Farmer’ for guests.