Tabor Group Chair of the Board of Directors Hugh Tully and new CEO Colette Kelleher holding the group’s latest annual report on addiction services.

Treatment centre clients cite alcohol as main addiction

An addiction treatment centre in Cork has published its annual report for 2021 with the majority of its clients citing alcohol as their main addiction.

Belgooly-based Tabor Group published the report at its annual general meeting last week.

The meeting was the first for the charity’s new CEO Colette Kelleher, former Independent Senator and director of Cork Simon Community.

Ms Kelleher said: “With so many people seeking out support for addiction, it is a privilege to join the Tabor Group team now to offer hope and help for recovery.

“I look forward to working with Tabor Group’s board, staff, volunteers and many partners in responding to people.”

The report highlighted the charity’s impact on people seeking help and support with addiction.

It also includes information on the financial and non-financial performance for the year and an update on their strategy and innovation during 2021.

Demand for Tabor Group’s services remained high in 2021 with the organisation receiving over 1,000 calls from people and loved ones living with addiction.

Tabor Group’s treatment services supported over 330 people in 2021.

According to the report, 64% of residential addiction treatment centre Tabor Lodge’s clients cited alcohol as their main addiction, up 2% from 2020.

A further 20% cited both alcohol and drugs as their main reasons for seeking help.

Similarly, in Tabor Fellowship, 51% of clients who attended treatment cited issues with both alcohol and drugs.

Following extensive research, planning, and preparation, in 2020 Tabor Group introduced and completed its first full year of the new Integrated Recovery Programme at Tabor Fellowship in 2021.

The 12-week programme is open to both women and men with complex needs including poly/cross-addiction, or a history of previous treatment and relapse, as well as challenges with coping and living skills.

Mick Devine, Clinical Director Tabor Group, said: “Our clients need many things but the core of what we offer begins with showing compassion and empathy so that hope, healing and recovery can begin.

“We are seeing increased demand for services. The expansion of our treatment programmes is allowing us to provide a tailored approach to individual needs.”

Recently appointed Chair of the Board of Directors and former head of the Irish Naval Service, Hugh Tully said: “It is a huge privilege and responsibility to lead Tabor Group’s Board of Directors and I am eagerly anticipating the task ahead.

“I look forward to building on the strong leadership of my predecessor, Denis Healy and guiding the organisation to meet the goals set out in its ten-year strategic plan,” added Mr Tully.