The 3 founders of Be Kind Apparel are Eric, Eric’s brother Gregg-- and Eric’s fiancée Aga.

Being kind is key message from new clothing brand

A new clothing brand has hit the online market from Cork.

3 family members from Glanmire have launched their online business that is based around acts of kindness.

They turned an idea that they had over lockdown into a plan and they now have a fully functioning website in which they sell a range of T-shirts and sweatshirts in different colours.

Be Kind Apparel only provides products that have been created by sustainable means, and they only work with suppliers who provide good working conditions to their employees.

Co-Founder Eric told the Cork Independent: “A big thing for us was when we had the idea, we needed to be able to source clothing that could reach the highest ethical and sustainable standards.”

Although their business is new and has only recently launched, they have received a great deal of support from local people and businesses from all over Cork. They have been active on different social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram to spread their message of kindness and get the word out about their sustainable brand. Eric works with the HSE and helps people who may be struggling with their mental health due to issues with employment.

“A future goal would be to possibly provide employment for some of the individuals that I work with who are struggling with their mental health and provide them with a supportive environment to work in,” he said.

Their future goals for the company don’t just stop at expansion and further employment; they plan to start a workshop, in which they could go to schools around Cork and show students how small acts of kindness can hugely affect other people.

It would be fun and educational and reiterate the main message to ‘Be kind’.

Sustainability has become something that a lot of businesses strive for, and if many businesses take that small step, it could create a huge difference to the environment.

Eric added: “Be Kind Apparel is giving up a parking space, holding open a door for a stranger, smiling at a busker when you can’t afford to give them change, it’s simple acts of kindness.”

It’s ethical, sustainable, it’s all about spreading kindness. They believe in the power of kindness in terms of its impact on people’s mental health. Not only this, but 5% of their profits go to local charities.