Square shaped Sansa Sound Bluetooth Mirror

Set the mood

Whether you like classical music to relax or like to rock out, this new bathroom mirror is just the ticket for you.

The rectangular Sansa Sound mirror from Sonas comes equipped with integrated bluetooth speakers and a USB port, so you can easily connect your smart phone and listen to your favourite playlist in your bathroom. This form of lighting will save you money over the years as LED bulbs use less energy than a standard bulb, meaning they will cost you less in energy bills and you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint. The benefit of an illuminated mirror is you'll, quite literally, start to see yourself in a better light. They are the perfect tool for applying makeup and shaving, as the backlit mirror provides full illumination and highlights your entire face with a clear shadow free light. When switched by the touch sensor, the gentle heat from the mirror demister means the surface of the mirror is no longer cooler than the air in the room so there is no condensation effect, and you can enjoy the luxury of a hot shower and a fog free mirror!