Sharon Huggard’s Get in the Picture campaign takes place on Friday. Photo: Anna Groniecka

Women encouraged to get involved in photo project

Sharon Huggard is a woman on a mission.

A beauty stylist and personal development coach, she has started a campaign called Get in the Picture where she is challenging the women of Ireland to Get in the Picture on National Photography Day, tomorrow 19 August and stop erasing their history.

Speaking with the Cork Independent, she said: “I’ve been a stylist for over 12 years now and as I was working with women, I realised that I could dress them to make them look good, but it didn’t change how they felt about themselves.

“If I could amalgamate the personal stylist and the personal development side of things, how powerful would that be?"

She got her life coaching qualifications last year and then started to do quantum thinking transformations, which helps women remove feelings around old memories that might stop them from going ahead and continuing life to the fullest.

Sharon’s business won the Network Ireland’s Best Emerging Business Award after 3 years of being up and running online.

Sharon said: “I have clients all over the world, I have clients in Los Vegas, in Shanghai and all over Ireland so being online is really beneficial.”

From doing a poll on her online Facebook group and asking what their biggest impediment to joy and happiness is in their lives, Sharon has learned that 85% of women believe this to be body image.

“This was preventing a lot of women from getting in photographs. One woman said she was president of an organisation and in her 10 years working for that company, she never took a professional photo of herself. This struck me as I feel as though women everywhere are erasing their own history by refusing to be in photographs.”

The response has so far been amazing with multiple private messages from family members of clients and online influencers supporting Sharon for the movement that she is making.

“Get in the Picture is a physical and metaphorical line for women to literally get in the picture and step into your life and stop holding back.

“We need to be the role models for our daughters and show them the way. They are watching us, and they see how we treat ourselves. If we don’t get into the picture, neither will they. We owe it to our daughters to reclaim ourselves because we are enough as we are.”

This Friday, post a photo of yourself on Instagram with the tagline #getinthepicture and @sharon_huggard_the_style_coach.

You can be glam, you can be casual, but most of all, be yourself, said Sharon.

Sharon will also be doing a masterclass which will go live online at 1pm on Friday.