Tru Colour Paints has a range of colours and supplies. Photo: David Pisnoy

Find your Tru colours

Does your home need a makeover? Thinking of a DIY project to revamp a room? Tru Colour Paints in Carrigaline has every colour you need to get started.

Speaking with Beverly from Tru Colour Paints, she said: “Tru Colour Paints provides a really personal service that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. We can do a walk through of your house with you to give you colour and financial advice for your painting projects.”

And while of course they stock top of the range paint brands, Tru Colour Paints can also provide you with a wide range of Casa Deco wallpaper and paint accessories.

If you are unsure of your plans but know that you want to start now, then stop by the shop for a free expert consultation or colour match. With free parking and hands-on customer service, you’ll be sure to find the right products for you.

This family run business is always on top of the newest colours and trends. Beverly said: “If a new trend or colour comes out, you can always find it on our website or in our shop.

“We had great business over lockdown as everyone was painting. People were painting their own houses, so all of our interactions were with the customer rather than painters, like it is now.”

So, whether you are hiring help or getting your hands dirty, Tru Colour Paints will provide you with the colours and the expertise and deliver it right to your door. The rest is up to you!

Tru Colour Paints is a vital part of the local community, from providing customers with the necessary tools for artistic freedom within their home, to supporting the local soccer and GAA clubs.

What better time to start that project, than now? Head over to Carrigaline Business Park for your free consultation and get started!