The clinic has some very up to date tech.

Start your glow up journey with Filo

Filo Aesthetics is a nurse-led clinic in Ballincollig, on the main street, but on the first floor so it is discreet.

The first thing to know is that Filo is a head to toe treatment clinic where you can have a medical grade facial, body toning, facial toning and laser hair removal. They also do PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and have other treatments coming soon.

The team are all registered Filipino nurses, trained to do all treatments, so they can stay with you throughout your journey making it a one stop clinic. They believe in giving you back your glow and that having their services in a modern spacious clinic with a warm welcome means that you will stay with them on your skin treatment journey.

Their flexible opening hours mean that getting an appointment is never a problem. The clinic also has the option of adjoining rooms for small groups.

The facial is the first thing I want to talk about. The Filo philosophy is that cleansing is one of the most important steps in skincare. It is with this in mind that they use the AQUA3 machine for their treatments. The superficial top layer of skin, which thickens with age, removes light and softness from the skin and acts like a kind of armour, preventing active ingredients from penetrating.

What is the solution? A comprehensive fourteen step facial using the best products and equipment. AQUA3 is a 3-in-1 technology that combines the extraordinary cleansing power of water peeling with sequential acids (not as scary as it sounds) with microdermabrasion and transdermal (this means deep) skincare delivery. It’s an ultra-effective system that raises the standard of any facial treatment, making the active ingredients even more effective.

Everything the Filo team do after this first step is going to work better. For me, it is a red carpet facial that left my skin glowing. The cocktail of actives really sloughed off the dead skin, yet my skin didn’t feel tight or sensitive. The water peeling and diamond head ensure efficacy and comfort.

For your facial and body toning the t-shape is a machine that uses three methods to help with toning and lymphatic drainage, (this helps with puffy skin for example under eyes).

T-shape treatments begin with radio frequency, followed up by laser activation. This all helps to improve tone and texture in the skin. As the name of the machine suggests, it helps with toning and cellulite reduction with no downtime - the perfect pre-event, birthday body treatment. A course of six to eight is recommended.

Diathermy is a treatment option that uses energy sources to deep heat areas of your body. Rather than a heat source, diathermy uses sources like sound and electricity, which are converted into heat by your body. The Artemis treatment is effective for face and neck lifting, face contouring and resurfacing and fractional resurfacing on the face, neck and hands.

If you’d like to part company with your razor for hair removal, then the Filo team of nurses can laser away the hair. Their machine caters to all skin tones and is relatively painless (yes I did a trial run because I couldn’t believe it was).

The typical session is about a third of the time of a traditional laser session and the team were saying they have a big male clientele with many clients opting for beard sculpting and intimate laser.

Filo is the place to start your glow up journey regardless of how big or small that is!